IT IS CRUCIAL TO THE HEALTH OF YOUR SKIN AND THE SUCCESS OF YOUR PEEL THAT THESE GUIDELINES BE FOLLOWED FOR THE NEXT 5-7 DAYS: 1) Do not do anything that will cause your body to become heated or to perspire. This may lead to inflammation and/or breakout (Exercise, sauna, hot tubs, etc.) 2) Always use warm water on your face and do not scrub. Avoid chlorine. 3) You may or may not experience some visual flaking or shedding of the skin approximately 2-4 days post peel. The amount of visual flaking is not indicative of your end results. If heavier shedding is present, do not under any circumstances, pick or manually peel the skin. 4) You must take precautions to avoid sun exposure in order to protect your skin as well as to get the full benefit of the peel. Peels increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Exposure to UV rays can cause hyper-pigmentation, freckling and sun damage. We recommend that you stay indoors as much as possible and a use PREVENTION + ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50 daily. 5) We suggest if you choose to apply makeup after your peel you use IMAGE I Conceal flawless foundation SPF 30. The ingredients in this foundation are safe post peel and encourage healing with the benefits of additional sun protection. 6) Do not use any glycolic, retinol, or Retinol-A for 5-7 days or until your skin is back to normal. This is the reason you are supplied the POST TREATMENT KIT providing the proper at home care post peel. You can resume your regular at home IMAGE regimen after the 5-7 days. This time may vary depending on the peel performed and each individual’s healing process. 7) For men, do not shave for at least 48 hours after peel.

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