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DO NOT BOOK IF YOU, YOUR FAMILY, COWORKERS, or anyone you have come in contact with have tested positive for illnesses such as COVID-19 fo until you have quarantined for 14 days post exposure.  Also DO NOT BOOT if you have current conditions that create repeat coughing, sniffles, fever, sneezing, etc. such allergies or any sort of sickness.


Late cancellations are penalized without doctor notes on letterhead sent to me directly from doctor's email address.


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Estheticians vs. Dermatologists-  Master Estheticians of Virginia have completed 1200 hours or professional education and been tested by the Department of Professional Regulations, demonstrating skills, apititude and functional knowledge for public safety and delivering a customized European style (the use of electrotherapy and other facial tools not just products) facial.  We use our acquired knowledge to safely administer products and ingredients that match the conditions and disorders taught during school within those 1200 of course work.  We are educated skincare coaches, not doctors or nutritionists.  We use trial and error with educated and insightful theories on how to move toward improving the appearance of your skin to a healthy state.  Dermatologists, have several years of course and clinical work to diagnose and treat disease of skin.  Often you will find dermatologists provide very generic over the count recommendations (if they are not affiliated with spa services) and little information on improving the cosmetic appearance of skin to healthy looking glow. Derms provide prescriptions and send you on your way 'which isn't wrong per say as in most cases as reported to me.  The two professions work very well together however.  You need to know medical information disorders and disease of the skin, and you also need skincare coaching how to nourish and balance your skin within the stages your skin will go through as it changes on a cellular level from medical treatments.

Basic and Noninvasive Skincare

  • Wholistic and nontoxic considering the body and mind in its entirety.

  • Beneficial to all skin tones and ages 11+.

  • Uses natural, active clinical ingredients to boost ingredients 

  • Perfect for maintenance, beginners, and preventative skincare.

  • For clients seeking more immediate corrective skincare you are advised to seek medical skincare services, highly more invasive and requiring downtime.   

The Powerhouse of a Facial- EXFOLIATION

There are different forms of exfoliation - mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation uses a tool such as microdermabrasion or product with an abrasive texture to remove outer corneocytes. While plant chemical exfoliation utilizes hydroxy acids, such as glycolic, lactic and malic acids, to dissolve the bonds that hold skin cells together allowing them to shed. Fruit enzymes such as papain and bromelain are another form of chemical exfoliation and work by dissolving protein (keratin) causing a softening effect to the skin and sloughing off of dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation speeds up your skin’s natural renewal process, helps to keep acne under control, diminishes uneven skin tone and discoloration, softens fine lines and wrinkles and leaves skin soft and glowing. 

SERVICE INTENTIONS- Understand your goals and be honest with yourself on the level of commitment mentally and financially before applying the pressure of "WHERE ARE MY RESULTS."  

Mild to moderate skin imperfections are highly successfully treatments at Nortasha Mechelle Skincare.   For Moderate to severe complaints that focus greatly on blood cleansing or medical problems I recommend treatment with medical skincare centers for more modern day technology skincare.  Clients are recommended to be seen before the completion of their age groups cell cycle.  This helps clients achieve desired results more quickly without having to "start over," in a safe and wholistic manner.  It is very important to categorize your goals and intentions on your approach to skincare before you seek advance skincare.

Preventative-  The prevention program is designed more for the seasoned client.  The client is pretty happy with the overall results and condition of the skin and is now looking to try new treatments and modalities to help prevent signs of aging and any other possible unwanted conditions that can occur with age.  Depending upon which treatments you want to incorporate into their plan, will depend on how often the client will be serviced and length of time.  But, usually this period ranges from 3-6 months to an adapted lifestyle.

Maintenance-  This program is designed to maintain the results from the corrective program.  This program is designed more for the experience client.  This plan also allows you to address any new concerns or conditions that may occur.  This is when the clients come in on a monthly basis to have customized treatments to help maintain results.  This program can last 3-6 months, depending on the client's needs.

Corrective-  usually the first program new clients or novice clients enter into because this plan focuses on the improving their top skin concerns and correcting most common skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne, and fine lines and wrinkles.  Treatments in the corrective program are usually performed on a bi-weekly basis.  These treatments usually involve more corrective services like chemical peels and laser treatments, because 3-6 treatment are usually recommended, the corrective program usually last up to 3 months.


1) A patch test for some peels is recommended.


2) This treatment may cause increased sensitivity to the skin depending on the skin type and home care regimen. Side effects may include, but are not limited to stinging, itching-irritation, redness, swelling, tightness, peeling and scabbing of the skin.

3) Avoid the sun, tanning beds, sweating, exercising, hot baths or showers, scrubbing, picking, or rubbing, which can lead to scarring.

4) Avoid waxing or depilatories 48 hours before and 7 days after treatment.

5) Discontinue the use of exfoliating scrubs, glycolic acid, or benzoyl peroxide products for at least 24 hours before or after treatment.

6) Discontinue the use of prescription Vitamin A Keratolytic drugs 7 days before and after treatment.

7) A broad-spectrum sunscreen is recommended daily pre & post treatment.

8) A Professional Products are highly recommended to maintain results and protection skin while healing (facials and peels are controlled injuries to the skin. 


9) Proceed with caution for Fitzpatrick types IV-VI (pre-treat longer than two weeks for optimal outcome)


CONTRAINDICATIONS- Reasons to not administer chemical peels

1) The use of isotretinoin (accutane) in the past 12 months.

2)The use of prescription Keratolytics within past 7 days: • Retin-A/Renova, Azelex (Azelaic Acid), Tazorac (Tazarotene), Differin (Adapalene).


3) The current use of Hydrocortisone. 


4) Any known allergies or sensitivities to products or ingredients.


5) Allergy to aspirin (salicylic peels) ,


6) Is currently being treated for a facial skin disease by a dermatologist. 


7) Currently being treated for severe systemic or autoimmune disease. Must consult with their physician prior to treatment.


8) Infectious diseases

9) History of radiation to the region. 


10) Laser resurfacing, chemical peels, or dermabrasion.


11) Herpes simplex or active infection (must use a prophylactic prior to treatment). 


12) History of hypertrophic scar formation. 


13) Pregnancy, breast feeding. 


14) Obsessive pickers.


15) Non-compliant clients or unstable patients.

16) Diabetics for some peels. 

17) Visible redness, irritation or inflammation. 

18) History of extremely reactive skin. 

19) Moderate to severe Rosacea or current flare-up. 

20) Sunburned, wind-burned, or severely dehydrated with irritation. 

21) Broken skin or scrapes.

22) Open sores, suspicious blemishes, bleeding, or basal cell carcinoma. 

23) Recent cosmetic injections within 5 days. 

24) Any recent cosmetic surgery. Must consult with physician prior to treatment.


25) Any unsure situation, you should not proceed with treatment.



1) Pre-treatment home care 2 weeks prior to peel


2) Peel Treatment: peeling time between 2-10 minutes


3) Post treatment home care for 1-2 weeks following the treatment



1) Do not do anything that will cause your body to become heated or to perspire. This may lead to inflammation and/or breakout (Exercise, sauna, hot tubs, etc.).

2) Always use warm water on your face and do not scrub. Avoid chlorine.

3) You may or may not experience some visual flaking or shedding of the skin approximately 2-4 days post peel. The amount of visual flaking is not indicative of your end results. If heavier shedding is present, do not under any circumstances, pick or manually peel the skin.


4) You must take precautions to avoid sun exposure in order to protect your skin as well as to get the full benefit of the peel. Peels increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Exposure to UV rays can cause hyper-pigmentation, freckling and sun damage. We recommend that you stay indoors as much as possible and a use PREVENTION + ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50 daily.

5) We suggest if you choose to apply makeup after your peel you use IMAGE I Conceal flawless foundation SPF 30. The ingredients in this foundation are safe post peel and encourage healing with the benefits of additional sun protection.

6) Do not use any glycolic, retinol, or Retinol-A for 5-7 days or until your skin is back to normal. This is the reason you are supplied the POST TREATMENT KIT providing the proper at home care post peel. You can resume your regular at home IMAGE regimen after the 5-7 days. This time may vary depending on the peel performed and each individual’s healing process.

7) For men, do not shave for at least 48 hours after peel.​

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