What are Facials?

Facials help deep cleanse and alleviate some of  skin’s most pesky conditions- acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone, flaky skin, or dull, lackluster skin.


Fundamental  or basic facials/skincare treatments consist of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction of impurities, treatment masks and moisturizers. 


Receiving facials on a regular basis combat premature aging caused by environmental factors your skin and body go through on a regular basis.  Absolutely everything affects your skin from the materials against your skin, air quality your body is within, most certainly what you ingest and even your feelings and emotions  JUST TO NAME A FEW.   


Receiving (a)esthethic services from a licensed and trained professional for the most basic and fundamental facial works greatly to balance the conditions your skin goes through.  How?  In general, after cleansing, exfoliation removes the top layer of damaged, dead skin cells with physical abrasion or chemical break down.  This stimulates new cell growth and speeds up what's known as cellular turnover, clearing a  path for younger, fresh skin cells to the surface of your face. The process of cell turnover takes about a month (depends more on your age for more accurate numbers), so it’s best to come in every three weeks to maintain optimal results- before the cell cycle completes!


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Benefits of Facials

Combat Dull, Dry Skin

Your glow lives within hydration.  Customized facials provide cellular hydration to help increase the firmness of your skin.  Plumping fine lines and adding volume.

Fight Signs of Aging

Customized ingredients cocktails tighten and tone skin plus facial massage relax facial muscles, which can help slow the onset of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage and toxin removal.

Brighten Dull, Tired Skin

Facials clear pores, exfoliate cells, and brighten your facial complexion for an overall healthy-looking glow. 

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